our spaces

Rooms Introduction in Each Buildings

We have a total of two buildings, with a basic number of 12 people in the first building and 18 people in the second. Both buildings can be sold separately or sold as Villa, and both allowed extra members. Welcome tour bus or groups booking!

The 1st Building: Happy Snail

This building is the main building of Happy Snail B&B, with a basic number of 12 people, and allow extra members!
The ground floor is a public area with books and piano. It’s a spacious living room with tables and kitchen where you can have meetings; take a coffee or tea, and play boardgames.
The second floor is the Romantic Room with two double beds and a big tub.
The third floor has two Comfortable Rooms with a shared bathroom (*we only rent together).
And in the fourth floor our Casually Thinking Room has big space and big terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful view around us.

The 2nd Building: Snail's Home

This building can accommodate 14 people as a basic number, and allow extra members.
The ground floor has a sink, a fridge, and a few tables where you can get some drinks and snacks and enjoy the time with families and friends.
The second floor is a room with a bathtub and a king-sized bed.
The third floor has two rooms, a room with a king-sized bed and a room with 3 double beds.
The fourth floor has two adjacent rooms with a shared toilet, both with big terrace (*we only rent together).