Booking information

Booking Information

  • Telephone reservation service is from 08:00 to 22:00.
  • Telephone reservation Please be sure to provide the correct check-in date, number of guests, name, contact number, and approximate check-in time and other relevant information.
  • For each room type, please check in according to the standard number (for example: 2 for double rooms and 4 for 4 persons). If you need to add more people, you need to pay additional fees, and some types of rooms do not provide additional services.
  • Each room can accommodate 1 child under 3 years old. If more than one child can be accommodated.
  • People do not take up bed service: 300/person (below 12 years old) ※Extra bed service is not available on the day of check-in. (Cancelling extra beds will not be provided on that day).
  • The definition of price, weekday, holiday: → Pricing: Lunar New Year
    → Weekdays: Sunday to Friday (excluding National Holidays and Holidays)
    → Holidays: Saturdays, consecutive holidays, and national holidays (special holiday will be announced separately)

Check in & Check out

  • Check-in time is 3:00 pm on the check-in day, and Check-out is 11:00 am on check-out day.
  • Please check in according to the number of guests staying at the time of check-in. If more than one person will be charged (600 yuan), no extra bed service will be provided on that day.
  • Breakfast is served daily from 8:00 to 9:30 in the morning. If you have a vegetarian meal, please inform us at check-in.
  • In order to protect the rights of the next tenant, the indoor space is completely non-smoking. If necessary, please move outdoors and prohibit littering.
  • In order to maintain the quality of accommodation, please do not bring pets into the room. Please forgive me for the inconvenience.
  • If the room is temporarily occupied on the same day, the property reserves the room type.

Payment Information

  • Telephone Reservation Remittance Account:
    →Code: Post Office 700
    →Name: Chen Meiman
    →Account: 0001253-0233488
  • After confirming the reservation, in order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please deposit or transfer the deposit (50% of the room rate) to the designated account within 48 hours and confirm the call and confirm the last 5 digits of the account number of the transfer account for confirmation. If you do not make a deposit within the period, the property will not reserve the responsibility and obligation for you.
  • If you use a non-deposited deposit, please remember to remind the service staff to remark the date and your name in order to verify the information.
  • The above account number is only available to customers who make telephone reservations or use this website booking system. If you booked through an online booking platform (such as Booking, Agoda…), please pay in accordance with the payment method provided by each booking platform.

Delayed or Canceled

  • If you want to postpone the extension, please inform it one week ago. Within one week, you will not be able to postpone it for you. If you cancel, you will be refunded according to the refund method.
  • If irresistible factors such as a typhoon or an earthquake occur on the day of the accommodation, the government of Yilan County or the government of the visitor’s location will issue an order to stop work. The deposit will be refunded in full, or the extension of stay will be granted. The deposit will be retained for three months and will be selected within the deadline.
  • Typhoons are rescheduled or cancelled on land typhoon warnings in the Ilan region or in the resident area. They should not be rescheduled or cancelled due to rain or other typhoon.

Refund Method

  • The guest will cancel the reservation on the 14th of the day prior to the booking date. The deposit will be refunded 100%.
    → Cancellation on the 10th and 13th, refund deposit 70%
    →If cancelled on the 7th to the 9th, refund the deposit 50%
    → 4 to 6 days cancellation, refund deposit 40%
    → 2 to 3 days cancellation, refund 3% deposit
    → 1st day cancellation, refund 2% deposit
    →If the accommodation guest cancels or stays on the day of the notification, the deposit will not be refunded.