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Can you imagine how to take a snail for a walk?
For how long haven’t you slow down?
The pace of life goes too fast, and misses too many exciting clips
Slow down, calm down, and feel good to feel everything
You can feel the cool comfort brought by the breeze
You can see the grass beside the river channel as the wind sways
You can smell the natural aroma of rice ear

I walked slowly with the snail and experienced the seasons
So there is “Happy Snail B&B”
Looking forward to this tour
Set aside the tight schedule and slow down

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lanyang
Feel the joy of life
Touched from the bottom of my heart
And inadvertently smiled



Creative omelette, handmade jam...
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Migratory birds, Barringtonia...
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Review Score
Cleanliness 92%
Confort 90%
Location 84%
Facilities and Services 90%
Staff 93%
Value for Money 87%
Review Score 89%
Cleanliness 91%
Confort 93%
Location 82%
Service 95%
Facilities and staff 79%
Value for Money 89%
Review Score 88%

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No.6, Lize W. Rd.
Wujie Township
Yilan County 268
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

+866 (0) 932-069-545

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