Bed and Breakfast. Yilan Happy Snails. Our Stories and Our Vision.

Welcome to the blog of Yilan Bed and Breakfast – Happy Snail. In this blog, we want to share what we think and how we feel every day in Happy Snail. The stories and the memories we created together with the people who have visited the place make us who we are and tell us what Happy Snail means to us. We will also write about Yilan, the origin of our family and our culture.

This is our first post. I want to give you a brief introduction to myself, my family and our B&B.


I am Michael Huang. The English posts on this blog will be mostly written by me. I was born and raised up in Yonghe(永和), New Taipei City until 18-year-old. I went on studying Physics for my bachelor in Hualien but later found a particular interest in history, languages, culture, arts, and tourism. Now I am writing this blog to share the Taiwanese lives and culture to English readers. I hope you will enjoy it. Any feedback would be very appreciated.

My family

My father was born in Wujie, Yilan in 1963. He went to Taipei for opportunities and met my mom. My father was a Japanese cuisine chef while my mom was a waitress and a cashier. After they got married, they did businesses together. My brother and I were born and raised up in Taipei.

We are a simple family. My parents are diligent and authentic people. Before my brother and I went to college, our family was a world built by my parents. Small and warm. We learned many things from each other. In 2014, when my brother and I was studying in Hualien, my parents found and bought the houses in my father’s hometown, Wujie. They decided to start the Bed and Breakfast – Happy Snail.

Our Bed and Breakfast – Happy Snail

The name Happy Snail came from a story: “Taking a snail for a walk”.

“God told me to take the snail for a walk, I was very angry and impatient. Why did God ask me to take a snail for a walk? Suddenly I smell the flower, feel the breeze, hear the birds, see the starry night, and discover a beautiful garden.

Wait a minute! I made a mistake, God told the snail to take me for a walk!”

Living and working in a busy city, Taipei, for more than 20 years, my parents were looking for a slower and happier way of life. We hope to enjoy the life and fully experience every moment with our customers and guests.

Our Bed and Breakfast is famous for the rich and delicious breakfast and the hospitality of the owners. My parents like sharing with the guests. Many people who have visited our B&B have become our good friends.

Bed & Breakfast

Running a Bed and Breakfast for 3 years, we have met many good, interesting and inspiring people. We have learned so much from the people that we believe everyone can learn from each other by sharing stories and experiences with others.

In the future, we want to bring more people together in Happy Snail with food, music, arts, ideas, events, and love! We welcome travelers around the world to Happy Snail. This is a place for sharing, volunteering, embracing, and connecting!


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