A Day of Happiness, Starting From a Breakfast

A Day of Happiness, Starting From a Breakfast

Happy Snails attach great importance to guests’ breakfast.

Because the owner feels happy when he sees the guests leaving with a gratifying smile!

Breakfast is personally cooked by the owner, although each time the dishes are not the same,

but there must be our own handmade jam.

All the fruits are picked by the owner at the market.

The owner cooked himself.

With different seasons, we also make different flavors such as blueberries, pineapples, apples and tomatoes…

Spread it on bread or toast and bite it,

you’ll fell the full flesh and fruit aroma spread out in the mouth, not too sweet at all.

Blueberry with cheese are also very tasty!

Many guests will ask whether we have sold after they have finished eating.

So we later started selling bottling jams.

Welcome guests who like the jam bring a few bottles home as a gifts.

In addition, creative omelette is one of our signature dishes.

The owner’s inspiration comes from the Spanish Omelette.

Guests who have eaten are very surprised!

Sometimes it’s accompanied by a refreshing salad.

Or Tiger Brand rice noodles,

Or cold noodles, with Japanese sesame sauce.

Others are like creamy cauliflower, German sausage…

For these, allows you to enjoy a healthy meal!

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