52-jia Wetland beside Happy Snail

52-jia Wetland Beside Happy Snail

52-jia wetland, due to low-lying terrain, form marshes that accumulate water all-year-round, and there are a variety of aquatic plants.

In addition to reeds, salty grass, seaside clerodendrum, and baby’s breath.

There is also a buttonbush that guards farmland, which is full bloom in May each year.

It’s a pity that bottonbush blossom only lasted about 20 days, and what comes next is “Small-leaved Barringtonia”, also known as the “water eggplant”,  belongs to Taiwan’s native species and has been listed as an endangered national treasure plant.

When it blooms, it scatters like fireworks, and it blooms quietly in the evening of the end of June to the beginning of July every year.

Therefore, there is another beautiful name: “Summer Night Fireworks”!

(The photos below are provided by the B&B guest Lohan)

It will begin to fall at 5:00 in the next morning, and there will be another beautiful situation!

Also because of the unique and rich aroma of spikes, visitors can pick up the flowers on the grass to take home or put on the car as a natural perfume.

(Do not pick the crickets on the tree!)

There are endless streams of people who admire flowers and photography.

Wetlands are also well-known bird-watching spots, attracting a large number of migratory birds every October to March next year.

In autumn, you can see groups of Black-winged Stilt forage for food.

Spot-billed Duck, Black-winged Stilt, Great Egret, Little Egret, Cattle Egret, and Red Crown Jacana, playing in the field.

These beautiful scenes can be seen on the balcony of a Happy Snail!

We also have free bike for our guests.

You can ride along the road beside the wetland, about 3 kilometers.

In addition to cycling or walking, you can also choose to ride the “Mother Duck Boat” around the wetlands

Mother Duck Boat is an early farmer’s means of transportation in paddy fields.

Mother Duck Boat was steered by elders using a stick in the village of Lize Village Community Development Association.

Plus expert guides explain the ecology of the 52-jia wetlands.

This situation also allows tourists to have a different nature experience.

If you are interested, more than eight people can contact the Happy Snail, we’ll consult for you.

Watching birds in autumn and winter, and enjoying flowers in summer, Happy Snail was so fortunate to be near the 52-jia Wetland.

And because of this happiness, we cherish and work hard to learn with this environment!

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